Dorothy Day Center
  • 1981

    Dorothy Day Center opens

    The Dorothy Day Center opens in downtown St. Paul serving coffee and rolls to an estimated 50 men daily, with no overnight shelter

  • 1999

    Overnight shelter opens

    Transforms into an overnight shelter to protect the homeless during brutal winter nights

  • 2001

    Year-round shelter

    The community calls upon Catholic Charities to provide shelter to individuals year-round

  • 2005

    Evening detox opens

    An evening detox program is created, saving the city hundreds of thousands of dollars

  • 2007

    Shelter for women opens

    The only shelter for single women in Ramsey County is added. Catholic Charities re-designates a second floor storage area, creating 42 beds for women

  • 2010

    Emergency overflow opens

    Emergency overflow shelter is added at the Catholic Charities office space next door to Dorothy Day to accommodate still greater need

  • 2011

    Surpasses capacity

    For the first time ever, the number of people needing shelter at Dorothy Day Center surpasses capacity, turning people away. St. Paul Office Overflow opens in November, increasing capacity to 50 mats

  • 2013

    More than 250 seek overnight shelter

    Serving an average of 440 persons each day, the need for overnight shelter has risen to 250 per night, beyond the capacity of the current building

  • 2015

    Higher Ground Saint Paul building construction begins

  • 2017

    Higher Ground Saint Paul building opens

  • 2017

    Medical Respite Unit Opens

    16-bed medical respite unit provides care for individuals too ill or frail to recover on the streets, but who do not require hospital-based care.

  • 2017

    Capital Campaign completed

    $5 million grant from the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation and $35 million in donations from individuals and institutions.

  • 2017

    Dorothy Day Center building demolished

    Construction workers began demolishing the Dorothy Day Center to pave the way for the new Opportunity Center and Dorothy Day Residence.

  • 2017

    Saint Paul Opportunity Center and Dorothy Day Residence building construction begins

    Will include services to prevent and end homelessness and offer 177 permanent housing units.

  • 2019

    Saint Paul Opportunity Center and Dorothy Day Residence building opens

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