Construction near for new Dorothy Day Center

Finance and Commerce By: Brian Johnson January 15, 2015 Catholic Charities will request $12 million from the Legislature this year to help pay for phase two. Earlier this week, the Ramsey County Board approved $1.7 million for the project. Ramsey County Board also approved a 10-year, $20,000-per-year service delivery lease agreement with Catholic Charities. Ramsey County Commissioner Victoria Reinhardt said at Tuesday’s county board meeting that the county needs facilities like the new Dorothy Day Center to go with its commitment to providing social services. “I look at this as kind of the old chicken and the egg thing, because in order to make this work so that we can provide the services, we need to have the place to do that,” she said. “And in order to have the place to do that and build something you need to know you are going to have somebody in there providing the services.” Complete article available at: Subscription required to view full article.